Teenage Relationships and Problems – Consequences of Teenage Dating!

Teenagers go through a lot of relationships and these often contain many elements that they are going to explore further in their later life. Being at a such a precarious stage of their lives, its important that these relationships have certain aspects like trust, honesty, communication, time management, respect etc that if managed properly, may lead to a healthy, lasting relationships in teens. However, if improperly addressed they may as well turn into abuse and a variety of other relationship problems, which may get hard to deal with later on. Thus, in this article we will explore these aspects and their underlying importance as well as consequences.

Teenage Relationships and Problems – Consequences of Teenage Dating!

Its important you recognize them in a relationship in order to have a happy, joyful teenage life making lasting friends with a memorable experience.

  • Trust: Trust is one of the most important aspect of any relationship. In a proper understanding, it means when both the partners have a complete understanding of each other. When due to any reason, trust suffers, it may lead to both the members being suspicious of each other, going as far as physically and mentally abusing and making the accusations of cheating on each other.
  • Honesty: Its equally important to be honest for a maintenance of a healthy relationship. This allows both the members to be open about each other while still choosing to keep certain things private. When members starts lying to each other and become dishonest, it leads to a deterioration of the quality of the relationship. At this stage it cannot be called healthy.
  • Communication: Make sure you keep the communication going no matter what your relationship may be going through. Keeping the communication channel open leads the resolution of conflicts and problems openly and with civility. In such a scenario, both the partners must effectively practice good listening skills and a general willingness to consider each other’s opinions. In unhealthy relationships, communication either stops completely or degenerates into an abusive or attack-based communication leading to threats, insults etc. At such a stage it becomes impossible to resolve any conflict and prevents feelings from being expressed.

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  • Respect: Respect is an inherent part of any healthy relationship and naturally implies that both partners are treated equally with a high regard. Abusive, unhealthy relationship lead to both the partners disrespecting each other and being inconsiderate, showing little concern for each other’s well-being.
  • Time Management: It means effective time spent with each other apart from the time spent with family members and other acquaintances. In a healthy relationship, this would imply quality time spent in each other’s company while in an unhealthy relationship it will lead to either complete smothering for one member or a feeling of isolation or a feeling that one is “trapped” in a relationship.

Relationships especially Teen relations are tricky keeping in mind the rapid surge of emotions in combination with high expectations, all packed within an unrealistic world that teens live in. It either needs maturity on the part for both the partners or a proper, effective guidance so that the journey is smooth, cherished and eventful.


Cons of Teenage Dating: Out of the numerous teenage experiences, dating is one of them. When a teenager starts dating, parents are often caught in an uncomfortable situation of allowing their child the freedom to date. Sadly, there are many aspects of dating that puts both boys and girls in this age at a risks and directly in the line of danger associated with making new relationships. Being inexperienced, they face a high chance of being abused or trapped in a situation that can have serious consequences for their lives, both physical and mental. Therefore,lets see here what what are those possible cons associated with teenage dating so that you can better avoid them rather than playing a coy and enduring them on.

Physical Abuse: Or call it Teenage Dating Violence, when teenagers start dating before being fully prepared, it can most often lead to physical abuse. While the obvious and most common recipient of abuse are usually females, males are also prone to it. Being physically abused most commonly include being hit, slapped, kicked or pinched. A staggering 1.5 million case of physical abuse were reported last year in the teens age group and the number seems to only grow each year.

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Sexual Abuse: Again sexual abuse in addition to the physical abuse is a major concern for teenage dating. A large number of rapes are reported, most often from the backward areas in the age groups of teens only. A major of sex offenders listed commit rape mostly before the age of 18. Sexual abuse can have a shattering physical and psychological effects. It can lead to destructive behaviors, depression and even suicide.

Teen Pregnancy: Teen dating can easily lead to teen pregnancy by having unprotected sex. Teenage pregnancy is dangerous for both the child and the baby. While it can lead to postpartum depression for the mothers, babies born to teenage mothers are more often of low birth weight and premature.

Sexually Transmitted diseases: Due to being sexually active, teens have a higher chance of contracting STD’s. The chances of contracting STD’s multiplies by having multiple sexual partners. The best way to prevent the chance of getting an STD is to use a condom but even that is not a foolproof method of prevention.


With a rising trend of social messaging media, teenage dating has acquired all the new dimension with an unprecedented growth of teenagers involved in such activities. Thus, in order to protect oneself from harmful and damaging consequences, keeping oneself aware is very important.

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