Money Matters – Money Tips for Married Couples

Getting married to your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right is no less than an achievement for you, isn’t it? After marriage, before you get to know all the issues you have to deal with you go for honeymoon and have a great time on a vacation with your life-partner. Marriage is not just about loving your companion and living with him. It is also about understanding the problems, sharing them and solving them together.


Money happens to be one of the most complicated issues everyone whether single or married deals with. After marriage money problems may get intense or may be resolved based on how you choose to handle them. When you get married and move to a new house, you have lots to buy to settle in your new house. You need to spend wisely for expenses like these.

It’s simple!!! For a successful married life, you need to be witty with the finance!!!

Here are some interesting Money Spending Tips for Newly Married couples. There you go!

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  • Planning: No matter how much you earn, careless expenditure will always lead you to a financial crisis. So better plan your expenses in advance so that you have an estimate of how much you need to spend.
  • Be Frank: Never hide any information regarding your financial situation from your companion. Tell him or her about your condition before marriage. This will avoid quarrels regarding monetary issues.Large purchases need to be made with an agreement of both the partners.


  • Insurance: You always need to save and secure money so that you don’t have to struggle in case of an emergency. An insurance policy is the best way to secure money for something big. Life insurance leaves your companion with sufficient money to lead life without you and medical insurance assures you immediate medical help in the case of emergency.
  • Controlled Desire for Luxury: Buying a new car just because you envy the neighbor’s car or a new dress because you saw someone else wearing it and want to try it!!! Doing all this may land you in trouble when you need to buy necessary stuff. Many a spouses actually, lie cheat and overspend in order to impress… that’s a useless thing.. and can drown you in debt to the eyeballs, seriously!


  • Learn to be a Couple: Don’t be over smart about finances, chances are your spouse can be more disciplined and wise about money. Look at the money as “ours” rather that “mine” or “thine”. Its will cause unnecessary burden on you.
  • Switch Money Matters: Its best not to leave responsibility of finance on one persona only. Make every financial matter a joint venture. Many a times when couples separate they have no clue what their financial status is like and sometimes do not even know how to manage their finance in future!


  • Discounts, Offers and SALE: Girls know this well… the seasons end and sale offers pour in making everything dirt cheap!! Make use of these sale discounts, offers and have you heard of garage sales… sounds cheap, but its thrifty and quite workable! OLX and Quickr... no need to say more, do I?

After marriage responsibilities both emotional and financial increase manifold. You must be ready to accept them and avoid problems.

But if your partner does not agree with any of the clauses… think again girl… you may want to change either the clauses or the man!!

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