Effective Ways to Control the Tendency To Self Harm in Teenagers??

Being a teenager is not easy. Its a journey filled with one of the most exhilarating rides like that of a roller coaster in a rapidly changing world and in a rapidly changing body. There is a tremendous surge of emotions combined with a tremendous pressure, be that of either studies or peer pressure, that individual on the whole often feel himself overburdened with the situations around. It is sometimes dealing with such emotions like fear, anxiety, stress or frustrations, that some young adults turn to self harm in teens.

How to Control the Tendency To Self Harm in Teens

Self Harming Behavior

So what is self harming behavior and why at all teenagers have to harm themselves? Scientific literature broadly classifies “Self Harming” as an umbrella term used for a diverse class of behaviors such as-

  • Drug Abuse,
  • Alcohol,
  • Developing an Eating Disorder,
  • Engaging in Unprotected Sex
  • Putting one’s self in Unnecessary Risky Situations like Dangerous Adventures
  • Drinking Driving etc.

All these actions in some ways or the other are intended to inflict harm upon oneself. However, the literal meaning of the term would imply the actual physical harm caused to the body like cutting or burning skin or swallowing of dangerous substances.


Reasons that Drive Teenagers to Self Harm-

There has been a wide speculation and a lot of theories trying to explain the reason behind such a behavior of teenagers. Most of them point to the reason that since teenage individuals are not able to cope with overwhelming emotions such as-

  • Loneliness
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Dysfunctional family
  • Distasteful Self Image
  • Lack of Attention or Love

Teenagers cause themselves harm, because that they believe will make them feel better. Others try to punish themselves for committing something they do not feel good about. Self-harming can also signal CRYING FOR HELP!!


Treat the Tendency to Self Harm-

Such actions of teenagers are enough for a need to look for help. An important question that faces us is that “Is Self Harming Treatable?If Yes, how its treated?” We must have a clear understanding that in the outer garb of physical action, self-harming is really a mental and emotional issue. Thus it is only by looking at the direct cause we can hope to solve the issue. Medical Practitioners suggest following six ways to help treating a victim of self-harm:

  1. Start a therapy with a trained counselor.
  2. Victims can keep a journal which they use to write in their emotions in words.
  3. They can take exercises and sports as a means to physically express themselves.
  4. Talking with family and friends as a way of working out solutions.


Self harming can be horrible especially if you are facing overwhelming situations for the first time during your teenage, however, those who indulge in it believe that there can be no way out. If you know someone who is a victim of self-harming then try to explain to them that there are better, healthier ways to cope with the problem and they will emerge victorious if they try to come out it. Thats the best thing you can do to help someone.

Advice To Those Who Tend to Indulge in Self Harming-



  • Be a good friend, be a good neighbor, always be a help to those who need some… you never know you may bring a sense of pleasure and hope in ones gloomy life and make it meaningful for him /her.
  • Being good, cordial, compassionate and compatible to others can actually avert a lot many social issues you never knew!
  • Indulge in some hobby, sports or what ever you like


not alone

  • Please do not over think your situation. Sometimes its good to leave the reigns of your life and let it go.. feel free and enjoy life as it comes. That’s the best way to be, that’s the way to be happy!
  • Be an asset to your family, friends and society at large. This will give you a better purpose and you will value your life your self better.
  • Do try all I told you and tell me how you feel… does it help you overcome self harming tendencies…. do let me know.. awaiting your response!

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