Tenderma Anti Aging Serum : Stem Cells For Wrinkle Removal

Tenderma Anti Aging Serum :- Tenderma Anti Aging Serum combines the most effective anti-aging ingredients on the market and claims to reverse not only aging signs but also lighten spots. Find out what’s the deal with this serum right here as I review every aspect of this new wrinkle removing formula.

What is Tenderma Anti Aging Serum?

Let’s first see what the official website has to say:

Tenderma Serum is your anti-aging tool to rejuvenate dull skin and bring it to life. Enriched with headlining natural ingredients such as Grape Stem Cell extract, Green Tea Extract, the serum is sold as a sure shot way of removing sun spots and marks from the skin.

Tenderma Anti-Aging Serum is a brightening solution that also works on restoring elasticity of the skin. Going by the introduction that its official website uses, the serum sounds a lot like any other anti-aging and brightening solution sold. So what is it that makes it special?

The unique amalgamation of stem cells and Polyphenols in its ingredients!   

While most anti-wrinkle and dull spot removing creams and serums contains only either of stem cell ingredients or Peptides, Tenderma Anti-Aging Serum contains a host of ingredients that don’t just stick around on the surface but also work their way in. This is also the unique selling factor of this serum which has been making it a darling amidst the online reviewing community.

In addition to tightening the skin and brightening dark spots, the serum claims to enhance natural skin barrier. Fruit acid and Green Tea Extract. Grape Stem Cell Extract and AHA’s help to reduce wrinkles and sun spots for a healthier, more youthful looking complexion.

What results can you expect?

With regular application, you can hope for these results:

  • Declined visibility and appearance of wrinkles (fine lines, smile wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc)
  • Even skin tone
  • Lightened sun spots
  • Enhanced elasticity of the skin (with better collagen levels)
  • Developed moisture retention ability
  • Stronger epidermal protection
  • Better exfoliation and smoother surface through pore cleansing

In simplest terms, you can expect Tenderma Anti Aging Serum to counter not only the causes of aging but reverse the existing signs of aging.


Tenderma Anti Aging Serum Ingredients and how do they work?

Serum’s official website has a brief list of active ingredients which are:

Grape Stem Cells: Sought from the French Gamay Teinturier Freaux Grape, the stem cells work chiefly on longevity of the skin cells. Assisting in easy repair of fibroblasts and skin cells, the ingredients aims at preserving the natural dermal matrix.

Macadamia Nut Oil: Enriched with Palmitoleic Acid (a type of fatty acid that is naturally found in skin but degrades with age), Macadamia Nut Oil helps in restoration of skin’s natural aging barrier. It further minimizes radical damage and helps preserve natural elasticity.

Ginkgo Biloba: Sourced from the Maidenhair tree, this ingredient works to boost microcirculation. It reduces vascular imperfections and also functions as a potent antioxidant to keep the damage at bay.

Peptides: Peptides are microscopic protein fragments that assist in maintaining elasticity of skin by stimulation of collagen. They directly work on collagen enhancement and improve fibroblast health.

Fruit Acids: Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA) fruit acids help in enabling better elasticity by keeping dead skin cells at bay. In fact, AHA has a smooth exfoliation impact on the skin that makes it smooth and healthy.

Green Tea Extract: A well known and highly researched antioxidant with proven benefits, Green Tea Extract is also great for keeping anti-inflammatory activity within the skin at bay. The Polyphenols in the extract also help in keeping the aging process slowed.

Soy-based micronized Liposomes allow better delivery of Gingko Glycosides within the skin layers. It helps in keeping hydration levels up with improve moisture. AHA assists by removal of dead skin cells that leads to pore cleansing.

How to use?

Cleanse face and apply Tenderma Anti Aging Serum evenly day and night. Apply it before using makeup and allow the serum to get properly absorbed within skin before you use anything else on the skin.


Have there been any side effects? What are users saying about Tenderma Anti-Aging Serum?

I will be straightforward here. I really wasn’t hoping to find many real and authentic reviews of Tenderma Anti Aging Serum but I found 18 real reviews! Yes, 18. All of these were real women who had been using the serum for over 5 months. Some even sent me a screenshot of their order processing receipt along with a before and after photograph.

I have to admit that this left me surprised big time because for a product that’s fairly new to the market and doesn’t follow a non-internet based selling model, 18 original and positive reviews are a milestone.

10 out of these 18 women said that they observed a major change in their fine lines and expression wrinkles. All 18 said that their skin grew much lighter and smoother and felt much softer when they touched it compared to earlier.

I am absolutely astonished to say this that I didn’t find any side effects associated with Tenderma Anti Aging Serum at all.

Is it recommended?

Without further ado, yes.

Why? Well, the reason is simple: Tenderma Anti Aging Serum is intensive at removing aging signs and does so by targeting the root causes inside the skin cells. This is also what makes it so much more better since you can just apply it and not worry about the solution sitting right there on the surface which is the case with so many other anti-aging products.

Besides, it’s multitasking formula that lightens, soothes, protects and moisturizes is also what makes it s a value for money purchase. If you are on a budget then you might want to try the trial option first since it is a little costly but Tenderma Anti Aging Serum is worth it.