Time to Introduce Him to your Family! Are you Ready??

Feeling anxious and worried? Do not know how your family members will react? Thinking about whether he would like and accept your family? Do not want anything to happen that can spoil your relationship? I completely understand the whirlpool of thoughts that are keeping your mind engaged!

Remember that you are only one bridge between your family and him and you can only make them be familiarized with each other well. Have a look at all possible whereabouts associated when you turn to introduce him to your family!

Hit the Iron when it is Hot!

Make sure you hit the bud the right time. Do not make any decision in a hurry (after all it is a matter of your life). Let things go the way they are supposed to. Talk to your mother or father about him first and then invite him thereafter for a lunch or a dinner (whichever is comfortable). Plan everything in a proper manner in order to avoid any discrepancies.

Introduce Well Before!

It is very crucial to introduce each other before an actual meeting. Tell your beau about your family a bit before introducing him. It will make him more comfortable when he will actually see them and vice versa. It will make a smoother platform for both of them.


They make everything as exciting as cutting a cake. So ask your family and your (to be) partner to invest some money into buying gifts for each other. It is a very pleasing and humble gesture to do that.

tell him to bring some gifts!

Give them Time!

Do not interrupt much while he and your family are having a conversation. Let them build a better understanding. I know you just want to make things right but it might appear as a disturbing attitude. So keep a check!

give them some time!

Tell your Thoughts Clearly!

Whatever you and your guy have in your minds you should tell your parents clearly. You should not hide any fact related to his education and carrier growth. A single lie can ruin everything. Tell clearly when you both want to get married and what your plans are after that. It will eventually help your parents to understand both of you better.


Show him around!

Seek the permission of elders and show him around. Let him make friends with your siblings and pets if any. Show your room to him and have a candid talk while roaming here and there. Let him know your taste the better way now!

showing him around!A huge sigh of relief! I know! Now you can invite him and plan for the big day soon.

The ball shall surely fall in your court. Good luck!

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