Are HairStyles and Personality Traits Closely Linked??

Let there be no doubt my dear ladies! Yes indeed, the style you give to your hairstyle reflects your personality traits. The color, the length the volume speaks about your persona. This is the most common non verbal communication!

The hair style is the great predictor of what lifestyle the person has. Different hair styles reveal different traits. Indeed, your hairstyle and personality traits are very closely linked. The color, the length the volume speaks about your persona. Read on.

Check out These Pointers that link Hairstyles and Personality Traits!

  • Long Hair

Women with long hair find themselves more sexually appealing and interesting. They are self confident and enthusiastic. They are very conscious of the things going on in their closed environment. But the only bad thing is that they resist growing up. They wish to stay young forever that makes them a little unrealistic in their outlook to life.

long hair

  • Short Hair

Short hair cut and styled cautiously reveal a creative and artistic persona. Well maintained hair styles reveal financial well-being. Such hair styles show that the women is very much obsessed about her appearance and finds it good to invest on the way she looks. But this also signifies her need for acceptance and a sense of insecurity.

short hair

  • Ingénue Hair Style

Women having such kind of hairstyle appear to be very kid-dish that may leave an impression on others that the person is immature and almost childlike.


  • Classic Look

Women with classic hair styles generally are very conservative and resistant to any modification. They don’t like to innovate whether it is about their hair styling, dressing or the room arrangement! They like to wear simple accessories and decent colors. They are although very kind and helpful but feel shy to discuss their personal lives.

classic coiff

  • Gamin

Women with peppy style are very natural and sporty in nature. They prefer to have style that is unfussy. They are in general easygoing and do not care much about others. They are very energetic and enthusiastic. They have always something cooking fresh in their minds. They hold an elegant personality.

short pixie

  • Dramatic

Such hair styles are generally carried by the women having daring personality. They usually like wearing bright colors and keep trying the new styles and fashion. In short they can be called as fashion-initiators.

dramaticOf course you can always try new styles and indulge in innovation. But keep in mind that you may change your appearance by selecting the clothes and related accessories that are radically apart from your current style. But beware that this can simply offset the negative perception that people tend to form of you which is undesirable.

The only thing you must take into consideration is whether or not you are projecting the image you wish to convey.

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