11 Reasons to Quit Smoking Now!! Save Yourself!

Are you handling too much of stress? Have a hard time at work? No matter what your problems are, inhaling those puffs of toxic smoke is not going to help you! Smoking cigarette has become a very common bad habit in the corporate world.

Smoking Vs Drinking

Smoking differs a lot from drinking. Apart from the fact that both drinking and smoking have a mind-altering effect, one can always get rid of drinking no matter how often he used to drink in the past. The reason is addiction. Tobacco being one of the most dangerous crops grown in India, today has found its way into the hands of innocent youngsters.

Smoking is a Dangerous Addiction!

I know the caption is predictable.. but the youngsters have a very stupid mentality! Don’t mind the word stupid…! They actually want to try something different… in most cases, this new different thing is smoking. But what escapes their notice is the fact that smoking can begin at your will but once you get addicted, it may take months to quit if you have a high will power or years in case you are weak. By that time it may be too late. Smoking leads to lung cancer. Its time you start reducing your stress by meditation rather than smoking.

Reasons to Stop Smoking?

  1. When you are smoking at a place, you are not only spoiling your health, but you’re also setting a wrong example for the younger people around you.

  2. Smoke from a cigarette harms not only the smokers, but also those who are standing near them.

  3. Obviously very few people befriend persons with bad habits. So if you continue to smoke, you’re going to be alone.

  4. Smokers smell terrible… nobody likes being close to someone who smells bad!!

  5. Smoking affects your health in the worst way. It causes lung cancer which is too costly to be cured.

  6. Some people think that smoking lowers depression but once you get addicted to it, you can’t stay without smoking at least once a day. If you try to do so, it will affect your mind and you’ll be more depressed.

  7. Smoking ruins your appearance and personality. People who are chain smokers have a bad breath, stained yellow teeth and wrinkled skin at a very early age.

  8. Smokers tend to age early… it snatches away glow from your skin, makes it dull, gloomy and wrinkled. It makes you look wearied and tired all the time!

  9. Smoking makes you spend a significant amount of your money on a worthless addiction. Quit smoking and save your money for better stuff.

  10. Smokers are at a higher risk of impotency specially those who indulge in flavored ones! Women who smoke have difficulty conceiving!!

  11. Public smoking is actually an offense!! Its one habit anybody can ask you to “get out” while doing so!

Smoking starts as a trial, continues as a passion and ends up as an addiction!!

It is better if you are not a smoker. But if you are, better quit smoking before it makes you quit your chances of a long healthy life.

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