Best And Sizzling On Screen Celebrity Pairs

We love to see them together and whenever they are cast with each other, that film becomes our favorite. They are our ideals and we crave to have a perfect partner like them. Wondering whom I am talking about? Any guesses? Alright, lemme help you out. I am a big fan of movies and if any couple touches my heart, I yearn to see them romancing again and again, till I get bored :p LOL. Now, you got what was running in my mind? Yeah! You guessed it right! It’s about celebs, who share sizzling on screen chemistry.

So, to increase your further knowledge I present you a list of some celebrities who have set the stage on fire with their breathtaking chemistry.

# Kate Winslet and Leonardo DI Caprio


Well, Well!!! Both of them are my personal favorite ‘love couple’ of all time. ‘Titanic’, the plot may sound bit old, but the story still gives goose bumps. This plot is fresh since then, and the two rekindle the old romance even after it’s been decades since their last release. Though Kate never dated Leo, they both have maintained that they share a magical bond with each other.

# Daenergys and Khal Drogo


Since, Games of Throne’ are the hottest series hitting the headlines, you must be aware about this heavenly couple. Their marriage was forced, but with time it bloomed into a passion which started to flow in their veins. Once they fell in love, they made each other stronger and more powerful. The adoring fans have awarded them with a cute name ‘Dothraki’.

# Ryan Gosling and Rachael Mc Adams



LOS ANGELES - JUNE 21: Actors Ryan Gosling (L) and Rachel McAdams pose at the premiere of New Lines' "The Notebook" at the Village Theatre on June 21, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Ryan Gosling;Rachel McAdamsSource:

Although, they shared an intense chemistry on screen, the inside news is that the couple hated each other during the filming of their blockbuster hit ‘The Notebook’. But, for them this hatred turned into romance and the duo started dating each other in real life. Their romance lasted for almost 4 years until they decided to split in the year 2008. The movie celebrated its 10th anniversary recently.

# Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Words fall short to describe the charm this couple brings when they are together. They sizzled together in the 2004 release Mr and Mrs Smith and soon started dating together. The couple is now married and are parents to 6 children, three adopted and three biological. They were dubbed as Brangelina by the media and their fans worldwide.

# Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan


How can I fail to list this couple who set the stage on fire with their recent release, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Even before the movie released, their chemistry was something which became the talk of the town. No matter how hard you try, this couple won’t leave your head.

# Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson


The couple is equally hit as was their movie together. No doubt their love set many hearts on fire on the big screen, but in real life they did not see a happy ending. The couple dated and parted ways after years of courtship. My sympathies to all the ‘Twilight’ fans who thought this couple will last forever but unfortunately their paths changed.

# Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks


They both starred in three movies together, Joe vs the Volcano, You’ve Got the mail and Sleepless in Seattle. The dynamic ‘love couple’ stole million hearts with their incredible chemistry. According to me they deserve an award for being the best romantic comedy couple together.

# Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh



Ultimate movie and thrilling performance, the movie Gone with the Wind made a business of $390 million dollars at the box office. The ecstasy between the couple and their love was the reason, the movie scored this much. Truly an all time sizzling couple who made news for all the right reasons.

Now, that was the list of couples who filled life in their characters and made them come alive.