How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Height, Looks, body shape, color of your skin, hair and eyes- everything is predefined and encoded in your genes. Genetics has always been a subject that fascinated me since my childhood days and the biologist in me would love to share with you this piece of very basic info about gene pool- which we call inheritance too sometimes, so looks, behavior and mostly every characteristic feature you have is inherited.

The purpose of reminding this is to help you stop cribbing and blaming, also help you find the best and proven ways to Increase your Breast size. Have come across a lot of friends who want to have bigger breasts for many private reasons, to help you better and let you know everything about Breast enhancement ways, have dug little deeper and researched well on this topic so that you know it thoroughly. Here we go:

  • Quick Tips that Make your Breasts Look Bigger
  • Foods that help Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home
  • Herbal Ways to increase Breast Size Naturally
  • Yoga to Increase Breast Size
  • Easy Exercises to Increase Breast Size
  • Supplements to Increase Breast Size- Breast enhancement Pills.
  • Breast Enhancement massage
  • Breast enhancement Creams and Lotions.
  • Breast Augmentation Surgeries- Breast Implants
  • Temporary Fixes: Quick Tips that Make your Breasts Look Bigger

Enhance Breast size with these simple and easy tips to start with as this will actually give you a feel and would help you judge how you would look after permanent fixes. I am sure you guys would agree on trying out these first if you still are not sure about what you are looking for. Try these and see how confidently you can carry big boobs.

Breast Enhancer Bras– These are special bra types with cups padded and layered with foam to give your bust that instant boob lift. These bras come in beautiful patterns and colours worth flaunting. Enhancers are padded and wired too for that perfect support and tight fleshy look, choose the ones that are comfortable and fit you fine.


Do not go for oversized ones as they will make you look out of place and distorted. Please keep this piece of advice in mind. If you somehow are not satisfied with the size still don’t worry there are other options- Remember!

Breast Pads- Breast Pads are best as they are detachable and you can fill in the cups of your bra with these extra pads to have that instant fuller look. These pads are made of silicon, foam or the lighter ones can be soft fabric too or any gel that does not provide skin irritation.


This way you would not go for wrong sized bars but a fuller cup and comfortable sexy looking bra.

False Breasts or Boobs– Yes you heard it right! There are lot many options of these too, you have them in the form of bras with silicon boobs attached that make your bust fuller when worn under some nice covered sweater or a shirt that does not show your cleavage.

False Breasts

Then there are the stick on types that kind of stick to your original boobs and add volume and mass to your figure. This is best when you are wearing some backless dresses and cannot wear bras but still have that fuller bust line.

Increasing Breast with Illusions– Illusion is perfect for those who are not comfortable wearing anything extra and carrying the load. This work best when you have a date planned and want to impress and kill. You want to look fuller and yet be ready for the much anticipated encounter without any embarrassments.



Tops or dresses that have front Lace, gathering, smocking, ruching, pleats, twists, ruffles and jewels all divert attention from your bust and make you look well defined and appropriate! The details and embroidery adds volume to your upper torso, creating illusion of a fuller bodice.

Necklines- Remember not to go too deep with necklines if you are creating the illusion. This will spoil all as you are giving people a way to peep in. Higher necklines suit you much better than low necks… obviously! Low necklines reveals out what you are trying to hide!!

Big Breast illusion with clothing– Wear bold and bright color tops with bigger prints. Keep your lowers subdued. If you invert this detail, it will make your breasts look smaller!

Wear tops with horizontal bars or rows that make you look fuller.

Wear fabrics that are not clingy but crisp and standing, do not wear flimsy clinging tops as they are to reveal every bodice detail not hide it.

Wear layered tops that help you give bounce and make you look bold and fun to be with too.

How to have fuller breasts with Makeup– If you want to wear cleavage revealing clothes, make use of make up!! You can create an illusion with makeup of bigger and fuller breasts by using darker shades of foundation to make your cleavage look deeper, adding some shine with bronzers gives a perfect 3D look and this can act best for night parties.


Well do not end up just doing the opposite as this will funnily act against you and not help you achieve what you wanted for. Just to remind you did you know there are tons of people who are exactly looking for solutions for just the opposite cause- Ya right! Bigger breasts are a problem too. Anyways let’s move on… Because I have some important things to share than tell you what else women whine about!

Ok the tips I just finished up explaining were all about how to create an illusion of bigger and fuller breasts. But this was for starters and now let me chart down things that are proven and tested and permanent for increasing breast size. The list has:

The Permanent Fixes-

Foods that help Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home-Shape of your body and your stature mainly depend on your diet. Foods that you eat have a bigger role designing your body inside and outside too. So, lets us focus on things that can help you get bigger busts and don’t forget that the results here would be slow but definitely Permanent!

Milk– Breast tissue is mostly fat and Whole milk, milk products, butter all of these are pretty much loaded with fat and thus helpful in increasing breast size. Whole milk is not low fat milk, but rich in fat and helps you gain faster volume around your breasts but as we all know eating fatty food can be tricky as you cannot direct the fat to settle down at right places in right proportions- this is impossible. So you have to be careful and maintain the balance.


Bads– If you overdo it you may end up having a bulky body. Weight gain can be an outcome. If you are allergic to milk, consult your doctor. Although the allergy can be treated.

Goods– Milk is good for health, need not say any more!

Soy Beans– Soy beans are rich in protein and have isoflavones in it, which is somehow like estrogen the female hormone which depicts feminine characteristics levels in individuals. Including soya beans and soya Milk in your diet is a good idea as this will increase your estrogen levels and help in triggering breast enlargement naturally. Remember to maintain a healthy estrogen level in the body Consume it in proper proportion.


Bads- it can affect your menstrual cycle, in fact can be associated with causing breast cancer. Make sure you avoid overdose.

Goods- Consume as directed, risks are minimal. It can be really very effective to get bigger boobs!

Papaya-It’s quite a surprise addition in my list. But what you did not know is that papaya can be really helpful in increasing breast size. Papaya with milk can be a boon for increasing boob size!


Bads – It’s not the food for pregnant women. Over drinking of this concoction can cause lose motions & diarrhea that makes body weak and causes abortion during early weeks of pregnancy.

Goods- Easily available. No fuss remedy.

Eating Carbs-Eating More Carbs will help you gain weight and add volume but you need to maintain portions and see to it that the fat from all the carb rich diet does not get accumulated at wrong places – you need to keep exercising well and lead an active life style.


Herbal Ways to increase Breast Size Naturally-

Since ages we have been associated with the organic and herbal richness of this planet, we call this balance Mother Nature nurtures harmony – this fact is supported by the fact that every natural disease has a natural remedy too in form of precious herbs. Although now a days we are facing the imbalance where the herbs are getting extinct and the credit for this imbalance goes to US again!

Check out these amazing herbs and spices that work really well for breast size enlargement-

Saw Palmatto – A hormone regulating herb which is used to create balance of hormones in men and women both. It has amazing breast enhancement properties that help you attain bigger breasts.


Big Breasts with Fenugreek Seeds- Fenugreek seeds are a house hold thing these days, the aroma makes it something that is a must for every kitchen. Fenugreek has good amount of phyto (plant) estrogen and diosgenin that encourages prolectin hormone which is associated with breast growth. Thus this property makes it worth trying for natural breast enhancement purposes.


Let me guide with some usage methods below:

  • Popping in the seeds, very much effective and non-messy.
  • In fact you can also make a paste of these seeds and massage your breasts.
  • The other way to use this remedy is to crack the seeds in a base oil, preferably mustard oil, and massage your breasts with this oil. Fenugreek oil itself is a good option.
  • Fenugrfeek sprouts are even better for breast growth as it has higher amount of diosgenin. You may very well use these as a natural way to enlarge breasts.
  • You can also use fenugreek supplements. Consult your doctor for right dosage.
  • Fenugreek seeds have components that are hormone related so Pregnant women are not advised to take it as this may cause premature contractions.

Fennel Seeds for Breast Enlargement –Fennel is an herb and the best of any herb is that it comes with minimal side effects. This herb is tasty and sweet and the usage is particularly easy but the only thing that you have to be careful about is its addiction part. Although it is not proven but it is said to disrupt your nervous system if consumed in excess. So keep a close tab on your consumption part. Ways to use it:


  • Chew fennel.. its tasty!
  • Use its powder or paste in your meals
  • Pop these seeds in any base oil. And use it for massaging.
  • Fennel can be used in the form of a supplement too.

Breast enhancement with Flax Seeds- Commonly known as linseed, Flax seeds are rich in Phytoestrogen which again helps you increase Breast size. It’s an amazing herb that works wonders for increasing your bust size purely naturally and giving ample satisfaction. The herb is cheap and easily available and good for diet too.  Some side effects are that It can cause allergic reactions, indigestion, blood related infections, etc. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to use it.


But we have a best part too, It has flavanoid, omega 3, 6 fatty acids and also produces lignans which act as estrogens. Its helps in curing ovarian cancers. The best ways to use it are:

  • Popping in and chewing, the nutty flavor makes them good as a snack.
  • Ground flax seeds are healthier as compared to their whole counterparts.
  • You can add it in flour, make a paste along with other herbs to use in food preparation and enjoy baked cookies and food knowing that they have a secret ingredient.
  • Flaxseed or linseed oil can be used topically for massaging or in diet as salad topping or seasoning.

Ways to Increase Breast Size with Yoga-Yoga is an easy and effective way to increase your bust size but hopefully everybody who is going through this content knows that yoga is about patience too. So, keep practicing these yoga exercises and see the results you will be amazed to see your cup size growing from A to C. That is what yoga experts commit but this needs dedication and patience. Well to get what you are looking for you will definitely act religiously and patiently- am sure of this!

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Let us list some of the basic yet effective Poses or popularly called Asana. These asanas will help you achieve not only a bigger cup size but also a firmer bust – yes, these will give you a better Boob lift too. Majorly there are only three Asanas that help you effectively and here goes the list:

Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose


Much talked about Asana – every blog or website dealing with breast enlargement does talk about, so you would understand how effective and important this can be. This asana strengthens and develops your chest muscles, thus adding mass to your bust.

How to– Lie down on your stomach with your feet joined straight on the floor and put your hands adjacent to your chest. Now inhale and raise your torso upwards with your face looking at the ceiling. Stay in this position for a few seconds and slowly come down to your original position. Repeat this 10-15 times.

Dwikonasan- Double Angle Pose


This Asana is very useful as this is a complete set of stretching and developing upper torso muscles. This will help your breast get firmer and stronger too. Although a bit complicated and tough, with practice, you can do it correctly. Just to remind Asanas and exercises if done correctly prove very effective!

How to– Stand with your feet apart and your arms behind your back with your fingers interlocked. Now bend down while your arms stretching upwards. Stretch, now bring down your arms and come back to original position.

Ushtasana – the Camel Pose


Versatile yoga pose with many health benefits including digestion, lymphatic, endocrine, skeletal circulatory and respiration systems maintenance and it even helps reduce fat from arms and thighs!!

How to – Sit on your knees slightly apart. Now bend backwards and arch your back with your face upside down. Your arms should touch your feet for support. Stay in this position for a few seconds and return to original position. Repeat this pose a 10 times.

If you are not able to do it or bent as effectively for the first time, don’t panic you will do it slowly and gradually with everyday practice.

There are other poses which are very effective specifically in pectoral muscle development. To name few we have “gowmukhasan”- the Cow pose & Stabdhasan, which you can do and the correct way to do it is learn from all the internet videos these days they show stepwise exercising marking everything for you so that you do it right. So would suggest go for it and be your guru!

Breast Enhancement with Exercising (cardio)

Well- before your hopes take a big leap just my humble way of reminding you all that anything that we are mentioning here in this blog will not prove dramatic results. The expected results would be moderate and yes the effect will depend on your physiology as well as genetics too as explained earlier.

The purpose of suggesting all these methods is just to help you find and choose the best solution other than surgery. Although now you all know  exercising will not help mammary glands to wither expand or grow, it but will certainly help in making your breast appear firm, lifted and perkier making your assets look attractive and yes to some extent larger!!

Here is the list of some of the exercises that really do help.

Push Ups- Pushups are a great way to increase your pectoral muscle volume and tighten and perk them up. Traditional pushups need a lot of arm strength and generally we women cannot do it properly and to get results you must know how to exercise properly.


So, the beast way to do it is Adapted Pushup way, it makes it easier and less tiring. You can do these pushups for longer duration and get better results with larger breasts.

Method-The perfect method to do this is to face floor and position yourself on hand and knees, placing hands and knees width apart and then starting the downward and upward movement making sure that you keep your body tight.

[The suggested way is to chk out Here]

Inverted Wall Push Ups-Its very mush similar to a push up, different only in that you are not flat down on the floor, but standing adjacent to a wall with your hands in level with your shoulders. Keep your feet stable while you move your upper body towards the wall, then stretch it back keeping your arms straight. Do it about 10-15 times daily.

Inverted Wall Push Ups

Free Weights- I don’t know about you, but I really get all excited when it’s about dumbbells. Weight need to be about 3-5 pounds depending on your resistance level. What you have to do is stand with your feet apart hold the dumbbells in both hands and lift your hands either side in a straight with your shoulders. Now slowly lower your arms. Repeat this set for about 10-15 times.


Bench Press– It is an interesting exercise that requires a bench of course!! Lay on your back with your feet apart on the floor. Hold the weights and raise your arms above your face. Slightly bend your elbows and lower your arms and back to the starting position. Do this 10-15 times.

Bench Press

These exercising moves will give you well tones décolletage to flaunt and be proud of.

Breast Enhancement Pills-

Increasing breast size with supplements is another way, this gives you freedom from all the tiring exercising and helps you explore and get your new full bodied look by just popping in the pills. Supplements and pills are a good way to enlarge breast size. These are generally made of natural ingredients and are with minimal side effects.

What we found during our research is that there are no major complications apart from temporary allergies and this is cheapest and best for those who are lazy.

There are a lot of brands that are popular these days and Women swear by these pills, have tried to list down some but you need to find out the best one that suits you and your needs. Chk out!

[Supplements to Increase Breast Size]

  • Bust Maxx
  • Breast actives
  • Natural curves
  • Total Curve

Increasing Breast with Massages- Breast Enhancement Massages-

Massages are the age old way to maintain a healthy body, massages basically help in faster blood circulation and certain portion of nerve pressure therapy. Massages are the safest way to increase your breasts as you do not pop in things inside your body, you do not end up playing with your metabolic system as this is only topical application. The only side effect can be allergies by application but you can always opt out for safer products.

Massages are relaxing and fun too apart from its health benefits you enjoy. You get to relax and enjoy company of your guy while he massages your boobs and give him pleasure as well of anticipating the sweet fruit of bigger busts. The things we can use for massages which not only give you the results but also help you get smooth and healthy skin as well as firmer bust.

Oils which we can use:

  • Linseed / Flaxseed oil
  • Fennel Oil
  • Olive Oil

How to Massage Breasts to make them bigger?

Soft Circular strokes around the breasts with a little pressure keep your hands moving in way that you end up joining at the cleavage. This way is the tested way to massage breasts. You have to at least try 200-300 strokes every day for proper breast tissue stimulation.

Massage Breasts

This is the best method to have pleasure and best results. Breast massages stimulate the tissue and help in increasing blood circulation, rejuvenating the tissue and pumping in growth hormones that help in getting enlarged busts.

Breast Enhancement Creams and Lotions-

Increasing breast through these enhancement creams and lotions as also getting popular these days. This is the easiest and safest way without involving anybody else. This is best for those who want to keep it a secret and have the results too.

These creams and lotions have natural ingredients and components like phytoestrogens, mycoestrogens and xenoestrogens. These creams and lotions tamper the hormonal levels in the organ and induce growth.

Here is a popular list, choose what suits you:

  • Curvy Bust
  • Total Curve
  • Brestrogen

All the above mentioned methods may or may not prove beneficial as quoted earlier as well everything depends on your body type and the way your metabolism reacts to exercises, foods or supplements along with massages too. There are not much proven results that have shown dramatic increase in Breast size.

Some people knowing figuring out facts opt for more permanent and sure short ways- mostly celebs or women who are connected to Glam world where beautification is directly proportional to survival. They do not mind going under the knife and beautify themselves although knowing much cons about the whole game.

Leaving our personal views aside, let me tell you more about Breast Implants also known as breast augmentation surgeries- This a permanent fix and looks totally natural.

Increasing Breasts, Breast Implants (Breast Enhancement Surgeries)-

Breast Enhancement Surgeries

The decision to increase your breasts can be totally beautification or there may be more profound reasons like looking right and proportionate after breast surgeries or some accidental losses.

Whatever the reason Breast Augmentation is all about implanting artificial tissue or saline implants or silicon implants to add mass and volume and enlarge your breasts.

This surgery is done by an expert cosmetic surgeon and it is done after every necessary test and knowing the history of the patients so that any complications are totally avoided.

[Surgeries to Increase Breast]

Breast augmentation is known as Augmentation mammoplasty scientifically, as it is about enlarging mammary glands.  In this surgery you put in fat tissue or implants inside the mammary glands and increase their volume. This surgery has its pros and cons too, the Pros being you can:

  • Achieve the shape you want
  • Get bigger and fuller breasts
  • Breast reconstruction

Breast Augmentation is a bigger and permanent step and there are some side effects too like:

  • Breast Pain
  • Breast tissue Atrophy
  • Calcium deposition
  • Chest wall deformity
  • Deflation.. Extremely dangerous
  • Inflammation & irritation
  • Necrosis

These are some of the most seen ones and there are lot many more side effects, you need to be very careful after going through implant surgeries as this is like having foreign elements inside your body.

Just to make you understand more, Breast augmentation is different from Breast Lift, if it is age related or breast sagging is due breast feeding, you will require breast lift surgery.

Interesting Facts about Breast Enhancement-(Break The Myths)

Have been approached a lot many times with some FAQ’s like below , so thought let me solve this issue here too , there are things that do have some potential and some that are totally false.

For example let me tell you more about the relation between Breast Feeding and Birth Control pill for Breast Enlargement!

Breast Size Increases with Breast Feeding- True or False??

Breast Feeding

Yes it does help, as milk that is produced in your breasts makes them larger. But any women will find their size shrinking back as they stop nursing. This mass is just because of the lactation part and yes of course the hormones that are responsible for lactation.

Breast Size Increases with Birth Control Pills- True or False??

Birth Control Pills

True !We cannot deny this fact that contraceptive pills cause an increase in breast size. That’s is because these pills are made to increase the amount of estrogen which is the primary hormone that determines breast size. But in this case too, the size goes back to your normal size once you stop taking pills.

Just starting the pills for breast increasing is a very bad idea as this results in lot many side effects too.

Breast Size Increases with eating lot of sour fruits and food- True or False??

This is totally false! Sour fruits and foods are rich in citrus acid mostly that has nothing to do with your breast increasing components. Do eat them if you like but pls. do not follow such myths.

Breast Size Increases if you sleep without a bra- True or False??

Absolutely false! This has nothing to do with the size increasing part but yes it is good to sleep without bras as this gives your breast tissue a breather and your muscles get to relax and learn to hold on, on their own and you can moderately control sagging.

Enough said and explained would love to close on the note that nothing matters more than feeling beautiful, so girls feel beautiful that is the best and safest way to glory and happiness!!