Accepting Motherhood – A Bundle of Joy Or A Bag of Responsibilities?

Motherhood is one of the greatest joys of life. The sheer pleasure of having a baby, of kisses and hugs, tiny feet, of small sticky hands, unspoken feelings, funny vocab, of laughter and jokes, the radiance of love, the joy of a sleeping toddler, the fascination of a child is an experience that does not have any parallel.  Motherhood, to say the least is one of the most celebrated, most fulfilling and most satisfying experiences of life for any woman!

Motherhood is No Bed of Roses!!

But is that Job really that easy? Is it really only the bed of roses minus the pain of thorns? Is the journey really that smooth? If we consider the proverb that “Motherhood is the hardest Job in the world” we will find that most women who have gone through the experience would echo it. What to say when your child screams in your face to get you the ice cream in the middle of a supermarket. When suddenly he/she decides to walk backwards or simply demanding you to carry them when you are rushing to office, when they find a meal “disgusting” which has taken you two hours to prepare and refuse to eat even a single spoon. When they refuse to sleep when you are dead tired. When there is a constant fear that your child would run to road, or fall off from window, or the anxiety of them getting ill. The list is just endless…

There is no doubt that motherhood is physically challenging and emotionally draining. The picture is like a perpetual Grey day with intermittent bursts of sunshine and happiness. When asked women who are happily mothers for several years “whether they would have have been happier childless?”, most of them grow contemplative, reflecting on the arduous journey they have endured. But then declare emphatically that they would love to be mother more than being alone as childless.

Being a Mother!

Its a complex feeling but I think most women are aware of the consequences and still would like to be mothers. I feel it is inherent in the psyche of a women to be mothers as they are themselves epitomes of love and care. But whatever the price you have to pay, I believe bringing a child in this world and nurturing and rearing is an experience no woman should miss!

So whats your take on when to have children… the discussion is open ended, as everybody has a different way to take life and its phases… you is you… what do you think?? Tell me, I am awaiting your response… and so is the comment box.. 🙂

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