Oops They Did it Again!! Top Bollywood Fashion Disasters!

Do you think that fashion disasters are only Hollywood recipe? Then you are wrong, our desi actors and celebs are not very far behind them in committing fashion crime. Actresses like Aishwarya and Shilpa Shetty had made us proud with their impeccable fashion sense at various occasions. Not only this Indian fashion designers are among some top notched names in fashion industry. Even designer of US first lady is from India. So people have lots of expectation from your celebs as along as dressing sense and fashion is concerned. Our celebrities are matching with their western counterparts in dressing style and elegance. At the same time they second to none in committing fashion blunders. Here are few famous fashion blunders committed by our bollywood fashionistas. Celebrities are known for making fashion statements at the same time they are also notorious for breaking them.

dipsDeepika Padukone is known for her elegance and dressing sense. These photographs show how she can murder the fashion at certain location. Thank god she had made such fashion disasters a thing of past. Now she look more stylish at various occasions.

mugdhaModels are known for their fashion sense what you would like to say about this fashion mistake committed by Mugdha Godse.

ekta kapoorEkta Kapoor is notorious for her fashion sense. She never fails to disappoint us on any occasion… Did God forget putting in her system the gene called “look good”??

vidyaVidya Balan has been quite on and off with her dressing sense. At many occasions she has done certain fashion crimes.

So next time if you are going to party and there is something wrong with your dress, don’t be upset. Our celebs have much worse record on that front than you.


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