How To Attract Men – Get The Male Attention!

I suspect the secret of personal attraction is locked up in our unique imperfections, flaws and frailties-Hugh Mackay

Ever wondered your friend from the high school always had the male counterparts running to get her attention and then thought what is she have in store that you aren’t aware of . Here is the stuff that you want know and you landed at the right destination. Have a look and be a magnet to guys and get that precious attention form the guys the t you secretly crave *_*

# Be That Playful Girl

Men like girls who can be playful and a enjoyable company to be with. Sharing some jokes isn’t that bad girl. Let your hair lose!



# Oh That Unattainable Chic

The most pathetic thing you can do to attract the male attention is being desperate. Desperation actually is a male repellent. So play hard to get and appear busy girl. After all you have your own damn life girl!



# Look Your Best

Girls always take care about your appearance and look your best. We all know men are visual, so looks matter. Take care of yourself and your looks too;)

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# Intelligence Is The Way!

A smart gal with an intellect is a turn on for guys and it pulls men to you like a magnet. Everyone out there knows intelligence is sexy. Brains are actually beautiful!


# Be Mysterious Girl!

Men like figuring things out so be mysterious and don’t spill the beans yourself. Be a mystery for them and let them come to you and esquire about you. I hope you get that girls!



# Talk With Your Body Language

Body language plays an important role when it comes to attracting men. Leaning forward, brushing your fingers against his hand etc. can do wonders girl. Believe me!

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# Mirror His Actions

I know mimicking was fun as a kid but yes when it comes to attracting the male counterparts, mimicking can be a powerful tool too dual benefits. Try mirroring the actions of the guy as it has a subconscious effect on him. You can try taking the sip when he does or smile if he smiles etc.


# Humor Is The Way

Having a tremendous amount of humor is a big turn n for guys. A great sense of humor makes the company more enjoyable and comfortable.





# Confidence Is The Key

We all know confidence seals many deals, so is the case of attraction. So be confident in whatever you do or have. A grounded confidence takes you a long way when it comes to attracting men.



# Eye contact

Eye contact subconsciously creates a connection which attracts the male to the gal he is having eye contact with. Oh that eye game goes a long way!


Girls be yourself as it’s important to attract someone for who you are, but of course evolving yourself for the better doesn’t harm. Right! So go on and attract those men and have that precious eye locks and attention.